Frequently asked question (FAQs)

  • About MyCritical Cover

What is MyCritical Cover?

How long will I be covered under MyCritical Cover?

Can I amend the coverage after purchasing the MyCritical Cover policy?

What is the minimum and maximum coverage that I can purchase under MyCritical Cover?

If I purchase the plan and subsequently never make any claims, are there rewards at the end of the policy term?

What happens if I purchase the plan and then realise that it is not the right fit for me?

Can I surrender my policy?

Under what circumstances will the policy be terminated?

Can I make a nomination for MyCritical Cover?

Does MyCritical Cover qualify for income tax relief?

  • Application

Who is MyCritical Cover for?

How do I know whether I am eligible to be covered under MyCritical Cover?

How much of coverage should I purchase?

Do I need to go through any medical examination in order to be covered?

  • Premiums

What is the premium amount and for how long do I have to pay?

Will the premium amount increase during the coverage term?

What are the options for Premium Payment Frequency and Method?

  • Claims

How do I make a claim?

Is there any situation where the benefits under MyCritical Cover are not payable?

  • Benefit and Details Exclusions

Critical Illness Definition

Waiting Period for Critical Illnesses

Survival Period

Other Exclusions