Executive Management Committee

Prasheem Seebran

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Hiten Asher

Chief Financial Officer

Susan Conradie

Chief Operating Officer

Ragunath Joe Murthy

Chief Distribution & Marketing Officer

Gan Teong Kiat

Chief Corporate
Development Officer

Wan Mohd Fakruddin Razi Wan Abd Ghani

Chief Investment Officer

Ahmad Zubir Aziz

Head Agency Development &
Branch Operations

Koo Chee Min

Chief Human Resource Officer

Muhammed Amin Hassim

Head of Innovation & Analytics

Khoo Han Chuan

Appointed Actuary
(Invitee: Independent Control Function)

Karen Foong Cheng Keat

Chief Compliance Officer & Chief Risk Officer
(Invitee: Independent Control Function)

Chitra Sridharan

Chief Internal Auditor
(Invitee: Independent Control Function)