Executive Management Committee

Prasheem Seebran

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Hiten Asher

Chief Financial Officer

Susan Conradie

Chief Operating Officer

Ragunath Joe Murthy

Chief Client Officer

Gan Teong Kiat

Chief Corporate Development Officer

Wan Mohd Fakruddin Razi Wan Abd Ghani

Chief Investment Officer

Ahmad Zubir Aziz

Chief Agency Officer

Koo Chee Min

Chief Human Resource Officer

Muhammed Amin Hassim

Head of Innovation & Analytics

Khoo Han Chuan

Chief Actuary & Strategy
Planning Officer

Chitra Sridharan

Chief Customer Experience & Marketing Officer

Karen Foong Cheng Keat

Head of Sustainability

Norlin Fatima Albakri

Chief Compliance Officer (Invitee: Independent Control Function)

Noor Hayati binti Abu Yaziz

Head of Internal Audit
(Invitee: Independent Control Function)

Nurliana binti Mat Lazim

Chief Risk Officer
(Invitee: Independent Control Function)