Premium Protector

Premium Protector

What price do you place on your future?

It doesn’t cost much to get the protection you require. Whether you prefer to cover yourself against everything or be more selective, this affordable plan gives you the flexibility of a basic plan and the option to enhance it with riders that suit your needs.

4 Basic Benefits

Death and Total Parmanent Disability (TPD)
Funeral Benefit
Double Protection for Accidental Death
Triple Protection for Accidental Death whilst travelling in public conveyance*
GUARANTEED Refund of 105% of Basic Premiums Paid

If no claims are made till the maturity of this plan, you will receive a refund of 105% of the total annual basic premiums paid without interest (excludes health loading and optional riders).

Flexible Premium Payments

Choose to pay monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually via private deduction, credit card, angkasa deduction, auto-debit or direct payment.

Enhance Your Protection

Choose to add one or more of these riders to your basic Premium Protector plan for an even more comprehensive coverage

  • Premium Waiver Rider
  • Payer Benefit Rider
  • Term Rider
  • Living Benefit Rider
  • New Hospital Benefit Rider
  • Comprehensive Personal Accident Benefit
  • LadyCare Rider with/without Maternity
  • Enhanced Hospital & Surgical Insurance

*Public conveyance means any air, sea or land conveyance (but excluding motorcycle) operated under a licence for the transportation of fare paying passengers and which has fixed and established routes only.

The product information above is for general information only and it is NOT a contract of insurance. You are advised to refer to the Product Brochure (if applicable), Sales Illustration (if applicable), Product Disclosure Sheet and Policy Contract for full details.