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Are you at a critical stage in life or your career which demands higher financial future assurance? Do you have sufficient financial protection to be left behind as a legacy of love for your dear ones? 
Get started on a secured financial future by signing up for MCIS Insurance’s HiShield plan today. ...Read more


Shielding the future of those you care

Your hard work is entirely dedicated to the happiness and security of your loved ones. You wish to give them a good future and shield them from the uncertainties of life. Should something unfortunate happen to you, you want the assurance that they are well prepared financially....Read more


Choices. Just about everything you want to plan, do and achieve in life revolves around making the right choice – one that fits you, your loved ones and your aspirations in life. Presenting the all new SuperSeries from MCIS Insurance. A life insurance plan that comes with choices of what you want to protect and for how much you want that protection to stretch....Read more


While we all aspire to live life to the fullest, our fast-paced lifestyle comes with a price tag on our health. The stress we take on daily makes us susceptible to many health issues and sometimes they strike when least expected.   Our medical treatments have advanced significantly, with treatments available for a wide range of illnesses and diseases that were once inaccessible to most....Read more


Our biggest wealth in life is our good health. Realising this truth, many amongst us go the extra mile to take care of their wellbeing by consuming a balanced diet and getting down to physical exercise to keep fit. If you are one of these people, congratulations and keep up the good work! As much as you are working to keep illnesses at bay through prevention, let's face the facts of life...Read more


As busy as we are with work and life, we do our best to stay healthy. However, that does not mean we are immune from illness. We have no control over when a critical illness can set in but what’s worse, we have no control over the high medical treatment costs when the time comes. That’s why it is important to have an insurance plan like MYEarly CriticalAid with comprehensive coverage for different stages of a critical illness....Read more


EduSecure is specially designed for parents like you to build up your child's education fund progressively. It comes with a combination of non-participating endowment (EduSecure Basic) and investment-linked (EduSecure Saver) where 70% of the premiums paid are channelled to EduSecure Basic while the remaining 30% goes towards EduSecure Saver....Read more


Get the best of both protection and savings in one plan. More than accumulating wealth, you can also enjoy peace of mind knowing that you and your loved ones are protected while your contribution could potentially generate higher returns to provide greater savings and a better lifestyle. But above all, this plan gives you full control and flexibility, making you the master of your own destiny....Read more


FlexiInvest Plus Assurance is a unique protection and investment plan that allows you to vary your investment and protection focus, based on your changing needs. With Death and TPD protection, optional riders, and seven professionally managed funds to invest in, FlexiInvest Plus Assurance offers you the peace of mind and security to live your life, without compromises....Read more


The power of your most valuable asset, your employees, is the real strength of your business. As owners of Small & Medium Enterprises (SME), you want to strike a balance between giving your employees the right level of protection and care, within manageable costs....Read more


It’s often a misconception that life insurance is complicated and is only meant for the wealthy. That’s not true. MCIS Insurance believes that life is precious and insurance protection is a necessity. We want everyone to have easy access to affordable life insurance solutions. That’s why we created the MyLife Protect Plan - a simple, affordable term life policy....Read more