How To Submit A Claim

How To Submit A Claim

  • STEP 1Complete the required forms
  • STEP 2Refer to your doctor to complete the medical report(s), if any
  • STEP 3Ensure all relevant documents are complete
  • STEP 4Submit the completed form(s)/documents via your agent/MCIS branch

Important Notes Prior To Submission

  1. Ensure completion of claim forms and completeness of all documents to avoid unnecessary delay. Dash ( – ) in claim form is not acceptable
  2. Ensure your signature on the claim form tallies with the one in the records.
  3. Attending Physician's Statement is to be completed at the claimant's own expense.
  4. Upon claim submission, the company reserves the right to request for other relevant documents and information for further assessment.
  5. Claim will be processed within 14 business days upon receipt of complete documents.

Check Claim Status


Upon submitting a claim, you may check the status of your claim via the following options:

  1. Contact your agent
  2. Contact our Customer Call Centre at 03-7652 3388
  3. Email us at
  4. Check via Customer Portal