MyHospital Benefit

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Supplementing your daily expenses for a speedy recovery

For many, the thought of hospitalisation can be rather frightening as it not only affects us emotionally but financially too. Besides having to cope with hospital bills, the loss of income due to hospitalisation adds to the financial burden that can affect our daily lives. At MCIS Insurance Berhad, we believe that having peace of mind when seeking treatment is important for a speedy recovery.

Introducing MyHospital Benefit plan. Simple and affordable, providing daily cash allowance for hospitalisation due to illnesses. If you’re hospitalised due to accidental causes, you’re entitled to get double the daily cash allowance. This amount triples when it is an ICU admission. To top it off, this flexible plan lets you choose from 4 basic sum assured amounts, starting from as low as RM50. If you’re between 18 and 40 years old, you can protect your financial future by purchasing this plan via online at

Daily Cash Allowance for Hospitalisation
Double Daily Cash Allowance for Hospitalisation due to Accidental Causes
Triple Daily Cash Allowance for ICU Admission

This plan does not have any cash value as it is meant to be pure protection plan .
This plan is a Direct Channel Product which will be offered via MCIS Insurance Berhad branches to customers who would like to purchase a simple protection plan directly from the company.

The product information above is for general information only and it is NOT a contract of insurance. You are advised to refer to the Product Brochure (if applicable), Sales Illustration (if applicable), Product Disclosure Sheet and Policy Contract for full details.