One plan for protection and savings

MaxSaver provides Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage with a unique financial savings element.
As we age, the need to have sufficient savings becomes more pertinent. Savings enable us to navigate uncertain periods as well as to help us realise our goals including the occasion of buying a new home, car, funding educational expenses for our children or retirement.
With MaxSaver, you simply get the best of both worlds - protection and savings in one plan.

Key Benefits

Protection against Death or Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)
Guaranteed Yearly Cash Payments (GCP)
Potential Gains from Investment Funds

Special Features

High investment allocation - 80% of premiums invested fully from year 7 onwards
Total Guaranteed Cash Payments - up to 85.5% of Sum Assured
Single Investment Top-Ups (STUP) can be done anytime - 95% allocation rate
Full or partial withdrawals from investment account allowed
Premium payment flexibility for MaxSaver Booster
8 riders attachable – including MaxHealth which covers medical and surgical expenses

List of Funds

MCIS Life Balanced Fund
MCIS Life Equity Fund
MCIS Life Income Fund
MCIS Life Jati Fund
MCIS Life Dividend Fund
MCIS Life AsiaPac Fund
MCIS Life Global Yakin Fund
MCIS Life Titan Fund

Please refer to the List of Investment Linked Funds for more details.

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