Grow your wealth with EzySaver today.

Sufficient financial savings is an important element of a well thought future for both yourself and your loved ones. A secure future from the aspect of being able to live life the way you want to in the years to come requires that you begin saving sufficiently for all your needs starting right now.

Understanding the context of your challenges when it comes to saving regularly via a plan which gives more than just an accumulated savings sum led us to craft EzySaver. This life insurance solution is a non-participating endowment (EzySaver Basic) and investment-linked (EzySaver Booster) plan where 70% of the premiums paid are channelled to EzySaver Basic while the remainder goes towards EzySaver Booster. The premiums allocated to EzySaver Booster is utilised to invest in your selected fund(s) from our variety of investment-linked funds to generate potentially better investment returns to enhance your overall savings.

With Guaranteed Cash Payment at the end of every year (commencing from the end of the 3rd policy year till end of the policy term), you are on solid footing to grow your wealth easily.


Death Benefit

If death occurs during the policy term, the death benefit shall be:

Policy Year Death Benefit
1 & 2
  1. Refund of total EzySaver Basic premium(s) paid without interest; and
  2. Account Value (if any)
    less any indebtedness.
3 to 20
  1. The higher amount of
    i) Total EzySaver Basic premium(s) paid without interest; or
    ii) 100% of the Basic Sum Assured; and
  2. Account Value (if any)
    less any indebtedness.
Accidental Death Benefit

In the event of death due to accidental causes before age 80 is attained, an amount equivalent to 100% of the Basic Sum Assured will be payable on top of the Death Benefit.

Maturity Benefit

Upon maturity of the policy, 120% of the Basic Sum Assured and Account Value (if any) less any indebtedness will be payable.

No Medical Underwriting

Hassle-free and no medical underwriting is required to take up EzySaver, subject to eligibility and financial underwriting.

Guaranteed Cash Payments

While the policy is in-force, Guaranteed Cash Payments will be payable every year starting from the end of the 3rd policy year until the end of policy term.

End of Policy Year Guaranteed Cash Payments
3 - 8 3% of the Basic Sum Assured
9 - 14 7% of the Basic Sum Assured
15 - 20 12% of the Basic Sum Assured
Total 132% of the Basic Sum Assured

You have the following choice:

Option 1

Receive the Guaranteed Cash Payments when it is due


Option 2

Re-invest the Guaranteed Cash Payments into your chosen investment-linked funds

Flexible Premium Paying Term

Choose the premium paying term that best suits your needs and financial position:

Option 1

Limited payment term of 10 years


Option 2

Full payment term of 20 years

Potential Gains from Investment-linked Funds

Premiums paid for EzySaver Booster will be invested into our investment-linked funds of your choice at 95%* allocation rate. If you select the re-invest option under the Guaranteed Cash Payments (Option 2), 100% of your Guaranteed Cash Payments will be invested into your investment-linked funds at 100% allocation rate.

With this investment element, you may potentially grow your investment gains which can help build up your wealth for financial security.

List of Funds

Balanced Fund
Equity Fund
Income Fund
Jati Fund
Dividend Fund
AsiaPac Fund
Global Yakin Fund

Please refer to the List of Investment Linked Funds for more details.

* The 5% unallocated portion will be used to meet company expenses and direct distribution costs including commissions payable to your agent.

The product information above is for general information only and it is NOT a contract of insurance. You are advised to refer to the Product Brochure (if applicable), Sales Illustration (if applicable), Product Disclosure Sheet and Policy Contract for full details.